Business Solutions

The SAFE Solution offers businesses of all types the ability to seamlessly manage their security processes from one central location – providing maximum security, compliance and ease of use.

Security Systems Integration

Do you have multiple brands of physical access control systems (PACS) in your enterprise that don’t talk to each other? Do you manually provision/de-provision a physical identity due to a lack of integration between PACS and logical security systems? If yes, then your operational efficiency and process turnaround times may be negatively impacted due to the lack of interoperability among your security systems. Most organizations with similar problems also struggle to enforce compliance as it requires manual checks across multiple systems.

For complete automation of security processes and compliance, especially as they relate to physical identity management, organizations need to integrate all potential systems, i.e. PACS, logical security systems, HR systems, background check systems, and training systems.

Quantum Secure Solution
The SAFE solution provides a comprehensive and extensible integration framework which enables various PACS, alarms, event management systems and other devices to integrate and interoperate with enterprise IT systems such as SAP, PeopleSoft, IDMS systems, LDAP, MS Active Directory. Its integration framework includes out-of-the-box connectors for these systems with built-in data mappings and functions for bi-directional data exchange. Additionally, the SAFE solution allows security users to centrally define security and compliance policies that impact all the integrated systems.

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