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One Central Location To Manage Your Security Infrastructure

SAFE ensures the right Physical Identities – i.e. employees, visitors, contractors and tenants –are properly authenticated and have the right access to the right areas, for the right reasons for a specified duration of time – auditable 24x7.

Employee Manager

Visitor Manager

Contractor Manager

Tenant Manager

SAFE Employee Manager is a web-based solution that is part of the SAFE Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) Software Suite. SAFE Employee Manager allows organizations to manage centrally the physical access lifecycle of its employees across multiple locations and disparate security infrastructure. SAFE Employee Manager has pre-defined policies, which help automate key processes such as on-boarding, off-boarding and access provisioning across the entire PACS infrastructure.

SAFE Visitor Identity Manager manages all types of visiting identities and automates the entire visitor identity management lifecycle. SAFE Visitor Identity Manager is a highly intuitive and enterprise class web-based solution that includes capabilities for visitor pre-registration, registration, security checks and access authorization, check-in/check-out, badge printing and centralized reporting and audit trail functions.

SAFE Contractor Manager provides a self-service interface for contractors / authorized signers to submit new company and contractor information. It also allows administrators to manage multiple companies (contractors, vendors, service providers) and allow their authorized administrators/sponsors to manage their employees while keeping the data segregated across multiple companies

SAFE Tenant Manager empowers your tenants to be independent by allowing them to manage their facility and access related requests without relying on the parent organization. Tenants can request physical access and new badges, invite visitors as well as book freight elevators in a faster, more efficient way using the advanced user experience delivered by SAFE. This decentralization allows for smoother tenant management operations and allows the parent organization to maintain control centrally with the appropriate visibility and approvals in place.

  • I am interested in...
  • On/off-boarding new employees
  • Mobile Credential issuance
  • Self-service access requests for employees
  • Asset Management
  • Automating audit and compliance reporting
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  • Self-service portal for pre-registration of my visitors
  • Streamlined check-in process for visitors
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  • Portal to allow easy onboarding of new contractors
  • Automation of contractor specific security policies
  • Ensure proper certification and documentation is on file
  • Automated audit and compliance reporting
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  • Automation of security policies for both tenants and the parent company
  • Easily accessible information about the activities of third party vendors
  • Self-service access requests for visitors, employees and contractors
  • Real-time audit and analytic capabilities