Business Solutions

The SAFE Solution offers businesses of all types the ability to seamlessly manage their security processes from one central location – providing maximum security, compliance and ease of use.

Security Analytics

In most corporations today, the physical security operations represent a daunting landscape incorporating multiple campuses and managing hundreds, if not thousand endpoints including door readers, restricted area access points and other security systems. Manually analyzing huge volumes of data from these disparate systems to detect or prevent incidents can be a time consuming exercise. Also, traditional reporting tools don’t put any emphasis on adding “context” to the data, for example multiple access denied events can have varying significance based on the type of door and the time of the day. What security organizations need is to leverage the increasingly popular principles of data analytics in their processes and operations.

Quantum Secure Solution
Quantum Secure SAFE provides the first of its kind solution for physical security users by allowing them to gain actionable results and comprehensive insight through analysis of the alarm, badge swipe and other event data from the underlying physical access control systems. SAFE solution also aggregates and correlates data from other security systems to report on risk metrics within physical identity processes and operations. Through analysis of physical security data, SAFE solution also helps physical security provide meaningful insight to other departments, i.e. real estate utilization details to facility team, occupancy patterns for optimizing energy costs etc.

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