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The SAFE Solution offers businesses of all types the ability to seamlessly manage their security processes from one central location – providing maximum security, compliance and ease of use.

Physical Identity Management

In any organization, security needs to manage different types of physical identities including permanent and temporary employees, short- and long-term contractors, vendors, service providers and visitors. The complication arises because there is no single place to manage them and the information resides in multiple disparate systems or databases. This leads to significant manual effort which is prone to errors like duplicate identities, unauthorized access, no audit trail into access assignment etc. Additionally, due to manual nature of current processes, security users are not able to implement or are inconsistent in enforcing security policies causing issues like delay or no removal of physical access for identities terminated in HR or other authoritative data source.

Quantum Secure Solution
Quantum Secure SAFE solution allows physical security practitioners to centrally manage all types of physical identities within their enterprise and automate different policies related to access entitlements, badging etc. It includes unprecedented number of integrations with various physical and logical security systems. This ensures synchronized and policy-based on-/off-boarding of physical identities and their access across multiple and disparate physical access control systems.

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