Security Intelligence

SAFE Security Intelligence provides an executive-level, graphical dashboard view of your company’s global security infrastructure in real-time, allowing for better management, simpler governance, and more complete oversight of security systems.

SAFE Security Reporter

SAFE Security Reporter provides an easy-to-use reporting, analysis and compliance related audit solution with a full line of decision support tools accessible within a single interface. It includes an advanced reporting wizard which enables end-users to easily build their own reports via the web. The extensive filtering and analysis functionalities allow users to slice and dice the data as much as possible and create complex analytical views to gain new business perspectives on information. SAFE Security Reporter also provides personalized and interactive graphical “dashboard” reports which provide a summary view of the various requests made by user(s) along with the current status of the requests.

SAFE Security Reporter gives users the freedom to quickly and easily create simple or sophisticated custom reports without needing to know data structures or modifying the system. For more advanced reports, SAFE Security Reporter also provides a more comprehensive interface, accessible directly through the Web console, with extensive formatting and interactivity options to empower end users with critical drill-downs and in-depth security information.
Download SAFE Security Reporter Datasheet