Security Intelligence

SAFE Security Intelligence provides an executive-level, graphical dashboard view of your company’s global security infrastructure in real-time, allowing for better management, simpler governance, and more complete oversight of security systems.

SAFE Risk Analytics

SAFE Risk Analytics is a dedicated tool to help physical security practitioners define, assess, and report on a wide variety of risks across their security infrastructure. It automates key policies and procedures related to risk management and simplify the risk management efforts. It automates the security risk lifecycle and prepares organizations to prevent risk-based events before they occur.

SAFE Risk Analytics aggregates and correlates data from multiple external systems to generate cross application reports and provides interactive, point-and-click views of key physical security and other integrated security risks. It also provides a library of pre-defined physical and integrated security risks along with associated Key Risk Indicators (KRIs), including Terminated Users, Orphaned Badges, Abnormal Badge Usage, Watch-listed Identities, Incomplete/Failed/Expired Background Check, and Access to Critical Areas without Completing Training.