SAFE Enterprise

SAFE Enterprise reduces the costs and risks in managing physical access of your employees, contractors, tenants and visitors.

SAFE Enterprise

The Business Challenge
Traditional ways of managing physical access for your employees, contractors, tenants and visitors directly within physical access control systems (PACS) present considerable challenges. Some of these challenges include multiple, disparate PACS which may not be integrated with authoritative systems or other security systems, creating significant manual efforts regarding the management of identities and their related physical access. The complication increases since the enforcement of security policies is also manual, making it an inconsistent and error-prone process. Some of the resulting implications include existence of duplicate identities, unauthorized access provided to identities, limited or no validation of pre-requisites for access provisioning, no audit trail into access assignment, delay in or no removal of physical access for identities terminated in HR and other related issues.

SAFE Enterprise
SAFE Enterprise is off-the-shelf software that enables organizations to manage identities – employees, contractors, tenants, and visitors – and their access across physical access systems. SAFE Enterprise solves the key identity management challenges organizations face – onboarding and badging, visitor management, access management, and compliance.

As software that breaks down traditional organizational silos, SAFE Enterprise not only advances the security function, it also transforms the communities of stakeholders involved in identity management. This includes, employees, contractors and visitors as well as process managers in HR, IT, Facilities, Reception and Contractor Administration.

SAFE Enterprise features the following modules:

  • Advanced Access Manager
  • Badge Manager
  • Visitor Manager
  • Security Reporter & Operational Analytics

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