Physical Identity & Access Management

Physical Identity and Access Management automates key processes and simplifies control of all physical identities across an organization to ensure each identity has the right access, to the right areas, for the right length of time.

SAFE Data Match and Reconciliation

SAFE Data Match and Reconciliation solution presents a unified view of the physical identity by providing the ability to match identity records from multiple databases and identify duplicates existing across multiple access control systems or within one access control system. It sanitizes the data through data matching techniques which are used to identify duplicate records, inconsistent formats, and other data problems, which if not caught and rectified are extremely costly and present the company as unprofessional.

The solution allows for easy design changes, advanced customizable reporting, additional cleansing functionality, and best in class fast fuzzy matching algorithms to resolve all the problems of duplicate and inconsistent data.

Download SAFE Data Match and Reconciliation Datasheet