Physical Identity & Access Management

Physical Identity and Access Management automates key processes and simplifies control of all physical identities across an organization to ensure each identity has the right access, to the right areas, for the right length of time.

SAFE Asset Manager

SAFE Asset Manager is a dedicated module designed to handle all of your physical asset management needs, such as attaching assets to identities, tracking those assets across the identity lifecycle and providing comprehensive reporting and resolution capabilities. SAFE Asset Manager allows security and operation departments to manage all aspects of their physical assets — all tied to a single identity.

SAFE Asset Manager also allows end users to submit a request for assets such as metal keys, tokens, access cards using self-service portal. The authorized staff can assign multiple physical assets to a single identity. If a physical asset is lost, stolen or missing, SAFE Asset Manager keeps track of the audit and fee-payment process, enabling security practitioners to better track items across their organization.

Download SAFE Asset Manager Datasheet