SAFE for Higher Education

Higher education represents a multitude of challenges regarding physical identity and access management. Multiple campuses and buildings; restricted areas such as research laboratories; higher levels of security integration in dormitories; and a wide variety of personnel can create significant hurdles to efficient identity management and related physical access. At the same time, corporate governance and compliance requirements have increased, layering in a new level of complexity for security practitioners.

The Quantum Secure SAFE for Higher Education solution automates manual workflows and processes, enabling higher-education security professionals to manage facility access of users and groups through role-based access control. With the SAFE for Higher Education solution, security practitioners across public and private universities, multi-campus institutions, research and medical colleges can improve student services, enhance operational visibility and better manage student lifecycles.

With the SAFE for Higher Education solution, security practitioners can experience the following benefits:

  • Role-based assignment of access to restricted areas and physical assets
  • Automated, rules-based monitoring, enforcement and reporting of compliance requirements such as FERPA and HIPAA
  • Integration with existing LDAP/Active Directory/HR/campus registrar database (Banner, Blackboard, Datatel, etc.) to manage all changes and modifications to physical and logical access
  • Works with existing physical security infrastructure, with no need to rip & replace
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