Compliance & Risk Management

SAFE Compliance and Risk Management creates a transparent, traceable compliance process by allowing security practitioners to enforce policies across multiple, diverse security systems.

SAFE Attestation Audit

SAFE Attestation Audit automates periodic reviews and audits of identities and their access by the area owners. These audits are mandated by external regulations and internal standards such as SOX mandates, NERC CIP compliance, training completion etc. The solution also provides users the capability to define and configure audits, and based upon the defined schedule, automatically creates access audit tasks for area owners to review. An area owner then logs on to a self-service portal to review the tasks allocated to them and decide the access privileges for the person. Based on that decision, SAFE automatically takes action in the downstream access control systems and sends email notifications to the people whose access privileges have been removed or changed.

SAFE Attestation Audit also generates a consolidated audit reports which mentions the end and start date of the audit and the subsequent actions taken.

Download SAFE Attestation Audit