Security Intelligence

SAFE Security Intelligence provides an executive-level, graphical dashboard view of your company’s global security infrastructure in real-time, allowing for better management, simpler governance, and more complete oversight of security systems.

SAFE Alarm Analytics

SAFE Alarm Analytics is a web-based analytics solution that provides interactive, point-and-click dashboard views of alarm metrics such as top alarms by sites, top devices by sites and provides KPI patterns and trends over time. It helps to measure alarm response times, allowing security practitioners to analyze alarm and access point data, providing insights into trends and behavioral changes. It also provides the ability to automatically notify local security personnel regarding the means to remedy a potential situation.

It includes pre-built metrics for all sites by device and alarm type, top sites by number of alarms, top alarm types by their count and top devices by the number of alarms. Each metric includes a high-level summary, detailed drill-down graphical view, as well as tabular views.

Download SAFE Alarm Analytics Datasheet