Seamless Identity Management with SAFE Software

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Physical Identity & Access Management Defined

Physical Identity & Access Management (PIAM) provides a unified approach utilising policy-driven software to seamlessly manage the entire lifecycle of all types of physical identities, their physical access as well as their correlation with physical security events and compliance requirements. According to Gartner, “Physical identity and access management (PIAM) deployments are increasing due to technology and product development, compliance mandates, a greater desire to manage alternative user populations such as on-premises visitors and contractors, and a sharp emphasis on timely and secure access.”

SAFE Software Suite™

Quantum Secure’s PIAM solution – SAFE Software Suite™ – is a highly scalable platform that automates key processes and simplifies control of all identities – employees, contractors, vendors, and visitors – across an organisation to ensure each identity has the right access, to the right areas, for the right length of time.

SAFE integrates with logical security systems to ensure synchronized and policy-based on/off-boarding of identities and their physical access across multiple and disparate physical security systems. Its robust integration platform coupled with its unique policy and workflow automation engine manages critical rules across the infrastructure to enforce internal controls, reduce operational costs and corporate risks, and to automate audit/compliance processes. SAFE also provides actionable intelligence for risk-mitigation and threat prevention through robust reporting and analytics.

Learn more about PIAM and how it enables organizations to automate, analyse and simplify control of their employees, visitors, vendors and other identities across their enterprise by downloading our PIAM datasheet now.