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Serving All Perimeters: Automating physical identity and access management for telecoms in and out of the office

Tuesday February 2, 2016 – 10:00am PT | 1:00pmET

Securing both data centers and high-risk premises is a real challenge for telecoms today. The issue is complicated by the ever-changing identities that need different levels of access to these areas and the fact that many areas are in open environments. With shrinking budgets, easy access to advanced technology by criminals, and the ever present insider threat, telecoms can’t rely on reactionary, paper-based security anymore. At the same time, rip and replace is rarely a viable solution. Physical identity and access management (PIAM) is a policy-based strategy used by leading telecoms today to prevent unauthorized access by automating the lifecycles of all identities while delivering compliance and audit-ability. The PIAM strategy can be implemented as an add-on to current security infrastructure.

Join Quantum Secure for a FREE webinar and hear from our expert team. We’ll break down the unique challenges of securing different types of premises with changing access levels for workers and third parties. Then, we’ll introduce the physical access and identity management strategy, and demonstrate Quantum Secure’s innovative solution that reduces and predicts risk while alleviating operational stress and costs through automation.

You’ll learn the:

  • Benefits of physical identity and access management as a security strategy
  • How to shop for and implement a PIAM solution that fits your needs
  • How a leading telecom company leveraged a PIAM solution and the resulting ROI