Visitor Manager

SAFE is the global, policy-driven solution to securely manage visitors, contractors and other temporary guests. Its automated check-in/check-out and vetting processes are fully compliant and improve identity management ROI.

Visitor Manager

Challenge: Managing visitors, contractors and other temporary guests from check-in to the time they leave is critical to the security of your organization. For many organizations, the processes used to manage these visitors is manual in nature, resulting in errors and long visitor wait times – and often creating corporate risk from unscrupulous visitors. Unfortunately, present-day solutions lack the scalability of a global solution and do not possess the flexibility to respond quickly to changes in security policies. Additionally, these applications often exist in silos with limited integration with other security systems, thereby limiting the complete automation of the visitor process.

Solution: SAFE Visitor Manager manages all types of physical identities and automates the entire visitor management lifecycle. SAFE Visitor Manager is a completely Web-based solution that includes capabilities for visitor pre-registration, registration, security checks and access authorization, check-in/check-out, badge printing and centralized reporting and audit trail functions.

Additional features of SAFE Visitor Manager:

  • Global, Policy-based Management of Visitors: SAFE provides one centralized place to manage both central and regional policies for visitors and temporary guests.
  • Mobile Visitor ManagerMobile App for Front Desk Personnel – The functionality of secure visitor check-in/check-out is now available for security personnel and front desk personnel through an intuitive and easy-to-use SAFE Mobile App.
  • Extensive Integration Capabilities with External Systems: SAFE Visitor Manager includes an integration framework for easily connecting to various external systems: physical access control systems, HRMS, IDMS, background check systems, emergency notification systems, and more.
  • Kiosk Edition for Self-Service – SAFE Visitor Manager can be delivered to a fully featured visitor kiosk with easy touch-screen-based software to handle visitor requests.
  • Integrated Watch List Management – SAFE comes with the additional capability of a watch list manager, allowing organizations to manage the list of identities that are potential threats along with their risk profile and historical details.

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