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Process Driven Approach to Reducing Risk and Saving Cost in Physical Access Management

Thursday, 16 February 2017 – 11:00 am GMT | 6:00 am EDT 

Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) only provide information about who has access to where and when. While aspects of how and why someone was given access are captured through administrative processes outside of PACSs’ remit.

Through Quantum Secure’s SAFE Software Suite, security administrators can maintain and access an auditable trail associated with all of their physical access management processes which otherwise is managed manually over disparate sources such as phone calls and emails.  This helps in measuring compliance and identifying risks, such as people who continue to have access to areas when they should not. Additionally, this also helps in automating or streamlining redundant processes, such as those around access attestation and role-based access provisioning. The cost savings and benefits around risk reduction and compliance assurance are significant for any enterprise.

Join, ASIS UK, City Security and Quantum Secure as we explore the following common concerns surrounding physical identity access:

  • How can I automate our on/off-boarding process employees?
  • How can we automate the request approval process for access change requests?
  • How do we handle contractor provisioning?
  • How do we ensure identities have met all necessary requirements for access (eg. Background checks, biometric data, insurance, etc)?
  • How can we improve our manual, paper-based audit processes?
  • How can we automate the policies and procedures for visitors coming to our offices?