Physical Identity Management for Sports and Events Venues

Quickly authenticate and verify the identity information of volunteers, guests, organizing committee and staff members within your venue and rapidly provision secure access with a streamlined check-in process

SAFE for Sports and Events

At a large scale event in a stadium, arena or similar venue, large number of identities (organizing committee, staff members, guests, volunteers) need to access the venue. Each of these identities has a different role in maintaining the venue operations and therefore has different access requirements. The venue operator, has to keep many things in motion: guaranteeing safety by verifying identity information, processing a high volume of visitors in a short period of time, staying flexible to provide an easy check-in experience, all the while keeping an eye on costs.

The Quantum Secure Solution: SAFE for Sports and Events 
SAFE for Sports and Events helps deliver easy, secure and rapid entry to the stadium for the various identity types (organizing committee staff, outsourced staff, and volunteers) and provide a high quality experience without compromising security.

The SAFE for Sports and Events solution provides a mobile app which quickly validates identity information by swiping the identity pass using the handheld peripherals.
Once the pass is swiped, the operator can perform a visual check comparison of a person’s face via the workstation and/or mobile device. This system can enable real-time credential validation and controls entrance of all participants across different venues or different locations within the same venue. This ensures that a large number of identities can be checked-in quickly without making any compromise of the security.