Industry Solutions

The SAFE Solution offers industry-specific modules designed to maximize efficiency and security for businesses in a variety of industries. From aviation to government to healthcare and many more, SAFE offers solutions created to meet each industry’s unique needs.


The Business Challenge:

Dock workersPorts are undeniably one of the most complicated areas to administer restricted-area access control, identity verification, and issuance of an access credential. Various types of physical identities need to be authenticated at all times and their physical access rights need to be managed based upon their role and the policies controlling their access. These port worker identities may consist of: employees, truckers, longshoremen, merchant mariners, vessel crews, Federal Officials who have valid TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential) cards as well as those visitors who do not possess TWIC cards and need escorted access through any vehicle gates.

Ports today use siloed systems and processes that do not allow complete visibility into all identity access privileges. Manual processes result in errors and leave ports vulnerable to risks from unlawful visitors. Unfortunately, present day solutions fail to provide global scalability and lack the flexibility to quickly respond to changes in security policies.

Quantum Secure’s SAFE for Ports is a policy-driven commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software solution that manages port workers and enables port employees as well as third parties to pre-register and authorize visitors and vendors temporary access to port facilities. It also provides verification of visitors against ports’ internal watch list of longshoremen and other persons of interest who could pose a potential threat. The solution is fully enabled to serve and manage TWIC cardholders including enrollment, authentication, authorization, and their access rights across the secured areas of port facilities.

This policy-driven software features the following:

  • Allows web-based pre-registration of port workers by employees (port employees) or other third-party hosts (ship agents)
  • Empowers ship agents to specify the areas in which access to the port is allowed
  • Allows ship agents to import a list of port workers using an Excel spreadsheet
  • Provides a web-based interface for gate guards and other staff to view valid daily port workers
  • Provides real-time updates to gate guards when a new port worker is registered
  • Displays a new searchable list of daily valid port workers to the gate guards

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