Industry Solutions

The SAFE Solution offers industry-specific modules designed to maximize efficiency and security for businesses in a variety of industries. From aviation to government to healthcare and many more, SAFE offers solutions created to meet each industry’s unique needs.


In the pharmaceutical sector, key drivers include compliance, risk management, fiscal responsibility, and business development.

With an ever-changing compliance landscape, security practitioners need to streamline their security operations so they can proactively prepare for and respond to security incidents as well as perform more effective as a security operations organization.

Specific issues facing this industry include:

  • Improving the ability to address compliance requirements such as FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11, U.S. DEA Security Regulation (21 CFR 1301.71 thru 21 CFR 1301.76)
  • Reporting of security events, compliance reports, security policies
  • Reducing costs associated with security operations Eliminating/reducing manual data entry/errors
  • Enhancing security, self-service & delegated administration
  • Providing consistent, policy-driven security operations
  • Negating “old”, rogue or orphaned card/cardholders in the physical access systems.

Quantum Secure’s SAFE for Pharmaceuticals provides workflow automation, rules-based monitoring and enforcement of compliance requirements and integration between security processes (such as access and clearance management) and business processes (such as on-boarding and off-boarding of employees and contractors).

SAFE quickly and easily allows for policy-based automation of employee new hires, terminations and change requests that integrated seamlessly existing HR systems and PACS.

What’s more, SAFE can help a practitioners define the strategic business role of security operations and positively impact the bottom line.