Industry Solutions

The SAFE Solution offers industry-specific modules designed to maximize efficiency and security for businesses in a variety of industries. From aviation to government to healthcare and many more, SAFE offers solutions created to meet each industry’s unique needs.

Your industry, your solution

One SAFE Solution, for ANY industry providing a holistic approach to managing the physical identity lifecycle. Select your industry below.

Industry Solutions

Today’s physical security infrastructure is incredibly diverse and spans the globe for many corporations, making it incredibly difficult to track the lifecylce of a physical identity throughout the corporation.

The SAFE Solution guarantees each physical identities status at any given time – from authentication and authorization – all the way through provisioning access in the physical security and access control systems. The result? Full compliance to regulations, significant operational cost savings and tighter security for the organization.

Within this real-time, interoperable environment, the SAFE software suite provides applications to:

  • Manage cardholder identity functions, including badge production, smart card encoding and card lifecycle management
  • Automate the on- and off-boarding of employees, contractors, temporary workers, visitors and others
  • Provide self-service and delegated administration via an easy-to-use Web browser
  • Provide internal controls in physical security and IT sub-systems to meet compliance regulations and audit challenges
  • Correlate identities and events in real time to offer a holistic approach to situation management
  • Streamline security operations and workflows to optimize both resources and capital
  • Provide real-time, executive dashboards and metrics, including detailed risk management capabilities within varied enterprise physical security and application infrastructures

Quantum Secure has developed custom offerings designed to streamline Physical Identity & Access Management across a host of vertical industries, from Airports to Government to Energy and beyond.