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The SAFE Solution offers businesses of all types the ability to seamlessly manage their security processes from one central location – providing maximum security, compliance and ease of use.

Physical Access Management

Existing physical access control systems (PACS) include some important limitations when it comes to managing access levels or clearances. For example, these systems don’t have the concept of associating one or more approvers with an access area which limits the ability of security teams to automate access approval and audit workflows. Additionally, these systems lack the intelligence to automatically assign physical access based on certain variables like role, location. The problem is compounded when organizations have disparate brands or isolated servers of the same brand of PACS. In these cases, there is no central place to manage access areas and assign them to physical identities. This leads to redundant manual effort in provisioning access in separate systems which can also be error-prone.

Quantum Secure Solution
Quantum Secure SAFE solution allows security practitioners to aggregate and centrally manage access areas across the underlying disparate PACS. It allows users to associate one or more approvers with the area and define any pre-requisites for getting access to the area, i.e. training, background check. It also allows users to create virtual zones of logically related areas across disparate PACS and use the zones as a basis for physical access assignment. SAFE solution also allows users to define multiple rules governing automated physical access assignment.

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