Business Solutions

The SAFE Solution offers businesses of all types the ability to seamlessly manage their security processes from one central location – providing maximum security, compliance and ease of use.

Security Compliance and Audits

Regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), ISO 27000, NERC/FERC, CFATS, GLBA, SAS 70, Basel II, government-mandated FIPS-201/HSPD-12 and numerous international and EU privacy laws have driven the need to regularly enforce strict governance in financial reporting and security controls across both physical and IT infrastructures. However, many physical security teams manually enforce monitor and compliance esp. those that are related to physical identity and access management. To make matters worse, the security infrastructure comprises of multiple, disparate systems which make recording and reporting of compliance data a time consuming and erroneous exercise. As a result, security teams are not only vulnerable to compliance exceptions and security risks but also face the risk of fines and cessation of operations.

Quantum Secure Solution
Quantum Secure SAFE solution allows security practitioners to enforce governance across diverse and disjointed security systems, esp. physical access control systems (PACS), creating a transparent, traceable and repeatable real-time global compliance process. SAFE solution automates the process of enforcing and monitoring security controls and also automates schedule-based rollout and completion of necessary audits.

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