Security Today: Detecting and Mitigating

Detecting and Mitigating
Search for the key that will minimize risk
By Don Campbell

January 1, 2017

Insider threat has become an increasingly prevalent concern for organizations, and the damage from breaches caused by current or former employees, contractors or partners misusing access credentials can be devastating.

Despite the very real risk, many organizations are not certain whether the policies and processes they employ, such as candidate screening and background checks, are adequate for identifying potential problems. While they recognize the risk presented by insider threat, they may not be confident in their ability to detect, or what solutions are the most effective for prevention. Some organizations may also be hesitant to monitor employees for insider threat for fear of causing dissatisfaction or interfering with their ability to perform their jobs. That type of thinking may well lead to negative repercussions at some point. Continue reading on Security Today website.

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