SAFE for Secure Cloud

SAFE for Secure Cloud automates the entire physical identity and access management process in an economical way.

Secure Cloud

The majority of organizations worldwide continue to manage their physical access directly within the physical access control systems and implement spreadsheet, email, and paper based processes for physical security and compliance processes. Even though these manual processes constitute a big risk to security and compliance, organizations continue to use these processes often citing the following reasons:

  • Uncertainty about the reliability and security of cloud solutions.
  • Large capital expenditures involved in buying and managing a solution.  The essential software licenses, servers, IT charges, and ongoing admin costs make automation projects difficult to justify.
  • Lack of a comprehensive end-to-end solution in the cloud that is flexible enough to manage entire physical security and compliance needs of the organization

SAFE for Secure Cloud is a highly secure SaaS offering that offers organizations the ability to address all of the complex physical identity and access management challenges addressed by SAFE Software Suite– without any need for costly and complex in-house systems. This will keep organizations safe and compliant at a much lower cost and without the risk of critical information being visible to external threats.
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