SAFE for Aviation Resources

SAFE for Aviation Resources

This page is intended to be a reference guide for customer needs. If you do not find what you are looking for, please let us know and we will guide you to the best resource.

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Webinar Recordings:

♦ An IT Perspective on the Most Advanced Aviation Identity & Credential Management Solution – SAFE for Aviation

♦ Aviation Identity and Credential Management: A Modern Customer Service Experience

Training Videos:

♦ Reporting within SAFE

LinkedIn Group:

Join our private LinkedIn Group to interact with other members and get the latest news from Quantum Secure’s Aviation Team! Use the link below to request membership.

♦ SAFE for Aviation Community Forum

SAFE for Aviation Community Forum – Quarterly Call:

This is a group of Quantum Secure SAFE for Aviation customers that meets monthly to discuss various identity and credential management topics. Recent topics include:

  • Work Station Design in Badge Office
  • CMA Reporting
  • Alternate to E-Badging
  • Badging of Contractors

To be added to this Advisory Group, please contact Kristi Crase –

Events Calendar:

Additional Resources/Documents:

Click on the links below to download a PDF.

SAFE for Aviation Solution Sheet
SAFE for Aviation Airport Authorized Signatory Portal Datasheet
Airport Improvement Article on Friedman Memorial (SUN)
San Francisco International (SFO) Case Study
SAFE for Aviation System Requirements
Aviation Customer Contact & Resource Guide