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2017 ASIS Sneak Peek: Expanding PIAM’s Value from the Security Team to the Entire Enterprise

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 11:00am PT – 12:00pm PT  / 2:00pm ET – 3:00pm ET

Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) solutions are evolving from custom software deployments to true “off-the-shelf” solutions that are significantly faster, simpler to deploy, highly configurable and a lot more powerful.

These new truly “off-the-shelf” solutions, with their simpler and cheaper deployment process, means PIAM solutions are no longer only suited for large, highly regulated, early adopter enterprises with big budgets. Now, as PIAM as a concept and a product has matured and customer challenges are better understood, these solutions are open to small-to-medium sized businesses.

Additionally, as PIAM as a concept has evolved PIAM solutions are expanding their focus from only elevating the security department by automating employee access through process workflows and system integration. Now, PIAM solutions elevate the entire organization. By focusing on the key identity management processes across the enterprise, today’s solutions create a centralized hub for managing the lifecycles of all of an organization’s identities (employees, visitors and contractors to tenants and vendors, etc.), connecting key departments and stakeholders (security, HR, facilities, etc.) tasked with identity management.

Join Quantum Secure experts for a sneak peek to see how these two key trends in PIAM solutions are changing identity management and the organizations that implement these enhanced solutions. We will be discussing:

  • How today’s PIAM solutions can cost less and bring about a larger and faster ROI
  • The benefits of configurable “off-the-shelf” PIAM solutions
  • What organization-wide ROI looks like for companies that have adopted these modern, stable PIAM solutions