Security Intelligence

SAFE Security Intelligence provides an executive-level, graphical dashboard view of your company’s global security infrastructure in real-time, allowing for better management, simpler governance, and more complete oversight of security systems.

SAFE Identity Analytics

SAFE Identity Analytics is a web-based interactive dashboard and analytics solution that provides interactive dashboard views of metrics related to badge and facility usage by identities. These metrics include multiple views at the strategic, tactical and operational level which not only tell users “what is happening”, but also “why it is happening”.

It includes pre-built metrics across sites, buildings and business units for facility utilization or occupancy for assigned and non-assigned badges, allocation of badges, badge usage, and badge non-usage. It also provides threshold analysis which helps users in classifying the sites as “high”, “medium” and “low” occupancy sites based on the ratio of space usage and availability

Download SAFE Identity Analytics Datasheet