SAFE for Aviation

The Business Challenge
Airports exhibit one of the most complicated scenarios to administer restricted-area access control, identity verification and issuance of an access credential. Various airline employees, vendors and multiple tenants need to be authenticated at all times, and their physical access rights need to be controlled and managed dynamically based upon their role and policies affecting their access.

Many airports have siloed systems and processes used to manage employee credentials for facility access. Systems that issue transportation authority clearance, including the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) or Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA), and grant access to assets/areas such as airside vehicles and parking structures are all managed independently, often by different departments. As a result, many physical identity and access management operations are handled manually, leading to costly human errors, a high cost of operations, long on- and off-boarding times and a lower level of overall security.


The Solution
The Quantum Secure SAFE for Aviation solution addresses this problem by providing a supervisory management system to transform and automate manual workflows and processes, enabling airport authorities to manage facility access of users and groups through role-based access control. Based on policies and business rules, SAFE is a software solution designed to handle the complexities of physical identity and access management by offering an integrated enrollment, access provisioning and badging engine along with a framework to integrate siloed systems and processes.