Compliance & Risk Management

SAFE Compliance and Risk Management creates a transparent, traceable compliance process by allowing security practitioners to enforce policies across multiple, diverse security systems.

SAFE Document Manager

SAFE Document Management provides integrated document management to facilitate collection of identity documents. It automates the handling, storage and association of important documents related to the on- and off-boarding of identities. By capturing these paper and/or breeder documents from a flatbed scanner or other input device, processing the associated metadata and linking that data with identities in the system, security practitioners can automate and simplify a key part of their processes, driving significant efficiencies throughout their organization.

SAFE Document Management solution allows for the digital recording and storage of documents, either generated manually or on a digital device such as a computer or handheld. It also ensures the consistency of documents by implementing document versioning and applies smart workflows and/or processes regarding how documents are handled.

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