Compliance & Risk Management

SAFE Compliance and Risk Management creates a transparent, traceable compliance process by allowing security practitioners to enforce policies across multiple, diverse security systems.

SAFE Compliance Regulator

SAFE Compliance Regulator provides security practitioners with a very robust yet simple approach to managing compliance initiatives in real time. It allows security practitioners to enforce governance across diverse and disjointed physical access control systems (PACS), creating a transparent, traceable and repeatable real-time global compliance process.

SAFE Compliance Regulator allows you to centrally define measure, act and report all details related to controls for meeting compliance standards for physical security and automates subsequent measurement, remediation and reporting against these controls.

SAFE Compliance Regulator provides a comprehensive range of functions across the entire lifecycle of internal policies and external regulations, with pre-built controls for the following regulations and verticals like NERC CIP, Sarbanes Oxley, FDA/DEA, CFATS, and TSA Security Directives

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