Utilise Predictive Analytics to Transform Your Organisation with the Power of Data

SAFE Predictive Security


SAFE Predictive Security allows security organizations to predict and prevent possible threats based on contextual analysis of data from multiple security devices and systems.

SAFE Predictive Security enables organizations to take the power of their physical security data beyond traditional reporting and use it to predict physical security operations and possible security risks. SAFE utilizes the logs maintained for each device and system and through the use of predictive analytics, transforms this data into critical knowledge and actionable insights. These insights are called Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)* and not only help organizations save on their operational expenditures but also enables preventive actions for a possible threat – potentially preventing a catastrophe.

Operations Analytics

SAFE Predictive Security allows security practitioners the ability to do more with less, maximize the spend for your department and through analysis, provide a compliant, more SAFE environment. Operational Analytics are designed to provide you with actionable insights into your day-to-day operations. Dashboards include:

  • Facility Operations Analytics
  • Identity and Badge Analytics
  • Visitor Predictive Analytics

Predictive Risk Analytics

Risk Analytics is a series of dashboards that provides interactive views of risk related indictors of compromise across the enterprise. These metrics include multiple views at the strategic, tactical and operational level, providing the user with a comprehensive understanding of the security infrastructure. The metrics not only help the security organization in identifying possible risks/ threats to the organization but also helps perform automated actions to prevent any substantial loss, and by doing so also increases the operational efficiencies for the organization. A few of the dashboard views for this solution include the following:

  • Indicator of Compromise Analytics
  • Alarm Analytics
  • Risk Summary Dashboard