Partner Community

Partner with Quantum Secure to build a viable, consistent, and sustainable physical security practice.

Partner Community

As the leading provider of Physical Identity & Access Management, Quantum Secure, part of HID Global, is proud to partner with leaders in both physical security and IT security management to deliver end-to-end solutions for our customers around the globe.

  • Introducing the Quantum Secure Partner Program

    July 13


  • Understanding the SAFE Software Suite

    July 27


  • On-Demand – Predictive




At Quantum Secure, we believe that well-trained partners are the key to our collective success. Our training program is designed to ensure that our partners have the information they need to successful manage the project lifecycle of the SAFE suite.

Training Curriculum

Quantum Secures’ SAFE Program Management Certified Training is a two-day, instructor-led training course that provides System integrators, channel partners and consultants with the tools, support and resources to support the delivery of the SAFE Software Suite.

The Quantum Secure team will offer training on a quarterly basis. The training locations will vary, classroom sessions will be held in San Jose, CA and Northern New Jersey. A virtual session will also be offered on a rotational basis. Email us at to request more information.