Industry Solutions

The SAFE Solution offers industry-specific modules designed to maximize efficiency and security for businesses in a variety of industries. From aviation to government to finance and many more, SAFE offers solutions created to meet each industry’s unique needs.

SAFE For Finance

Business Challenge

For banks and other financial institutions, maintaining a secure environment is a must. The sensitive nature of the assets and information they maintain for clients demands a highly secure and well-monitored environment. Complicating security operations at financial institutions is:

  • Performing numerous manual processes to manage Identities and related-area access across a dispersed physical and logical security infrastructure
  • Meeting corporate governance, documentation and reporting requirements as regulations such as BASEL II and GLBA becoming fixtures from a compliance standpoint
  • Trying to maintain a highly secure and compliant environment while also providing clients and visitors, many of whom are VIPs, with an elegant and efficient experience that is representative of their institution’s brand


The Quantum Secure SAFE Software Suite can help automate key processes and internal controls, helping security practitioners streamline their security operations and compliance reporting.

The result? Reduced time, effort and operating costs related to the management of identities across the facility, and a security operations center that is contributing directly to the bottom line.

With a robust approach to end-to-end identity management, compliance and reporting and visitor management a financial organization can have a better understanding of their entire operation, knowing precise information regarding workers, vendors and visitors and their related-area access.