SAFE for Finance



For banks and other financial institutions, maintaining a secure environment is a must. Identities and related-area access be managed in a real-time fashion across a dispersed physical and logical security infrastructure. Corporate governance, documentation and reporting have become paramount, as regulations such as BASEL II and GLBA have become fixtures from a compliance standpoint. And lastly, downsizing and/or mergers in the industry represent massive challenges from a security operations standpoint.

The Quantum Secure SAFE software suite can help automate key processes and internal controls, helping security practitioners streamline their security operations and compliance reporting.

The result? Reduced time, effort and operating costs related to the management of identities across the facility, and a security operations center that is contributing directly to the bottom line.

With a robust approach to end-to-end identity management, compliance and reporting, a financial organization can have a better understanding of their entire operation, knowing precise information regarding workers, vendors and other third parties and their related-area access.