Streamlined Federal ICAM Solution

Automates lifecycle of managing identities, credentials and clearances in accordance with federal ICAM regulations for all agencies and facilities across the U.S. Government

FICAM Solution

Like commercial enterprises, many federal agencies and DoD facilities have multiple brands and versions of physical access control systems (PACS), which don’t communicate with each other. These orphaned systems often reside on a separate network with limited or no integration with authoritative data sources, making it extremely difficult for agencies to align with the Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management initiative.

SAFE for Government is an enterprise software solution that enables federal agencies, DoD facilities, and other high security government areas to align with FICAM and streamline their physical security operations as it relates to physical access. Our solution centralizes identity and access management, ensures compliance, and provides continuous risk assessment without having to rip and replace existing security infrastructure while providing PIV, CAC, PIV-I validation for employees and contractors, Government ID authentication, and physical access auditability.

Key Benefits:

  • Identity and Access management for all personnel including on-boarding /off -boarding (leveraging authoritative databases such as USAccess, NCIC, HR, ERP.
  • Simplified PIV, CAC and TWIC card management across diverse PACS
  • Collect and manage identity attributes such as security clearance, training status, etc. which drive access approvals and decisions
  • A Web-based, integrated PIV enrollment issuance system to centralize and manage processes across security operations
  • Streamlined security and identity management operations in PACS, leading to a lower cost of operations and reduced risk
  • Real-time reports and executive dashboards to simplify PIV card lifecycle and compliance management
  • Consolidates diverse systems into a FICAM aligned, integrated, auditable system
  • Visitor Management System to automate visitor flow and enable visitor kiosks
  • Automate background checks (NACI, local/regional areas)