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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the SAFE Solution by Quantum Secure do?

Our SAFE software suite is the only proven technology in the physical security industry that unifies global physical identity, compliance and risk management. Our solution:

  1. Centrally manages all types of physical identities – employees, contractors, visitors, vendors
  2. Automates processes and policies for on/off boarding, physical access management, badging and managing visitor identities
  3. Integrates with physical security systems and synchronizes changes with logical systems
  4. Automates physical security compliance and audit initiatives
  5. Provides executive-level reporting and analytics on security data

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How is SAFE different from Physical Access Control Systems (PACS)?

The SAFE Solution does not replace your existing PACS System and in fact, we integrate with the infrastructure you already have in place. Put simply, SAFE pulls information from your PACS and becomes the authoritative source to manage that identity and ensure the physical access adheres to all policies and procedures of your organization.

How will SAFE interface with a current access control system or will this replace any current access control system? 

SAFE is not an access control system and does not replace any Physical Access Control System (PACS). SAFE sits on top of PACS infrastructure (through well developed bi- directional connector agent) and enforce policies / rules and bring in the Identity management paradigm across the PACS and access infrastructure.

Will SAFE work with two different access control systems?

Yes, SAFE can work with two or unlimited brand of PACS simultaneously.

Which HR systems does SAFE work with? 

SAFE supports all HR, IDM systems like Oracle, PeopleSoft, SUN, CA, IBM, etc.) and all flavors of LDAP, ActivDirectory, and other directory systems, etc.

Can select doors be removed or renamed at the Managers view? 

Yes, SAFE allows this functionality. It is controlled by policies and rules.

Does SAFE directly interface with an access control system? 

Yes – through a well defined bi-directional connector agent.

Is there a maximum amount of users that can be identified as “Administrators”?

 No maximum.

Can SAFE automatically check visitors against Criminal History, Terrorist Watch list databases? 

Yes, SAFE has connectors into many such online background check companies to provide automatic checks.

We currently use EasyLobby for visitor management – do you have a migration path to SAFE? 

Quantum does not have a direct migration path but can help install SAFE visitor identity manager without any loss of current functionality from other visitor solutions or without any downtime.

Did I hear Wireless Guest Access? How does that work? 

As a part of Visitor Identity Management registration, SAFE allows the host to authorize visitors to have connectivity to the corporate wireless guest network. During the visitor badge printing process, SAFE issues a temporary User Name and Pass Word, which automatically expires when the duration of the visit lapses.

What’s the main difference between SAFE for Healthcare – Intelligent Patient-Visitor Identity Management and the traditional “shrink-wrapped” solution?

The traditional “shrink-wrapped” solution is not web-based, lacks scalability, has limited or no integration with Healthcare Information Management systems (e.g. EPIC) which restricts the ability to understand the patient status and location in real-time. Patents are unable to approve or restrict specific visitors in advance. SAFE for Healthcare – Intelligent Patient-Visitor Identity Management can do all of that and much more.

Is Quantum Secure’s SAFE currently installed in any government or corporate facility?

Yes – United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, United States Department of Health and Human Services, Oracle, AT&T, and many more.

What’s the main difference between a CIV and a PIV card?

A CIV card is a highly secure smart card for the commercial market. Not everyone who issues an identity credential needs all the security and policy features of the PIV card.

What types of requests can be automated? 

All kinds of access requests, metal keys, lost or stolen badge, new badge, etc. All such requests can have a separate workflow for approvals and final actions

Can SAFE also assign metal keys, parking passes, etc. based on a request? 


Can a manager request access for multiple employees, to the same building, at the same time, or they need to be separate request? 

Yes, SAFE supports request access for multiple employees at same time.

Can an Approver do a bulk approval for many areas at once? 


Is the approver allowed to approve his/her own request? 

Approver/requestor can be allowed to approve his/her own request depending upon policies and rules configured. In general, a requestor should not be allowed to approve all his/her access requests (high security doors, lab doors, etc) but only the doors which are “cleared” for him at all time. This could be configured and restricted in SAFE based upon role of a person through policies and rules.

Do approvers need to know a lot of information to approve and view all of the available options for their viewing, before approving a request? 

SAFE presents all this information about Identity for approver to make convenient decision.

Can a request have multiple Approvers? If the first one on that list approves that request, is the request immediately approved? 

Yes, a request can have multiple approvers. SAFE policies can be configured such a way that if any approver approves the request, it will automatically notify the other approver that the request is approved (and by whom).

How does SAFE handle vacations, illness and other out-of-office issues w/regards to approvals? 

Through SAFE Policies. If a person is out of office, an admin or some one else can become approvers for that period.

Can SAFE store scanned documents concerning approval for access? 

Yes, SAFE has Document Manager module that will keep track of all documents related to the approval process.

Is there an audit trail for approvals?

Full audit trail available. Such audit trail is also important for compliance to several regulations such as SOX, HIPAA, FDA/DEA, etc.

How long are audit trails maintained? 

Audit trails can be maintained forever.

How does SAFE ensure prerequisite requirements such as training that must be completed before access can be granted? 

SAFE’s policy engine allows one to put appropriate internal controls at the door level for accesses. SAFE also manages such pre-requisites internally (eg. an identity must have a training course for accessing a particular door) and then enforces it all times across all PACS.

How do you manage annual requirements that must be met to maintain someone’s access into a secured area? 

All requirements manifest through SAFE’s policy engine as structured rules, internal controls and policies.