Quantum Secure wins New Product of the Year – Big Data Analytics

August 23, 2016

SEC_2016_NPOY_webSecurity Products magazine, the only integrated product and technology magazine reaching the entire security market, and securitytoday.com, the preeminent editorial website for the security industry, announced the winners of their 2016 New Product of the Year Award on August 23rd.

Quantum Secure was selected as the New Product of the Year in the Big Data Security Analytics Category for our, SAFE Facility Analytics.

For more information, please visit the Security Today website.

Security InfoWatch Article: 5 Core Rules for Transforming the Role of Security

5 Core Rules for Transforming the Role of Security

August 16, 2016
Article by Don Campbell

In the security industry, as in everyday life, technology is constantly and rapidly changing and evolving as new capabilities emerge to meet the needs of end-users. As technology changes, the role of the security department is also evolving. No longer can security function separately from core business functions; to be most effective it must align with organizational goals. Click here to continue reading on the Security InfoWatch website.

Security Systems News Article: Government Physical Security Upgrade Initiatives

Accomplishing Government Physical Security Upgrade Initiatives with PIAM Software

By Mark Steffler – Vice President, Federal Practice
Q2 – 2016

With the increased focus on cybersecurity and the associated need for access control in the government and elsewhere, it is critical not to overlook the threats posed by a lack of comprehensive physical access control. Read more in the Q2-2016 digital edition of Security System News by clicking here.

Security Sales & Integration: Stopping Insider Threats

Physical Identity and Access Management Critical for Stopping Insider Cybersecurity Threats

Being able to track an employee’s shift in behavior in your office can send alerts before it’s too late.

June 9, 2016
Article by Don Campbell

Cybersecurity has become top of mind for nearly everyone, thanks in large part to recent highly publicized data breaches. Click here to continue reading on the Security Sales & Integration website.


Security Today Article: Solid ROI Metrics Support Case for PIAM

Article by Don Campbell
June 3, 2016

ROI metrics, both tangible and intangible, are commonly used throughout organizations to justify the need for new expenditures or support for an existing program. More recently they have become increasingly important in organizations’ security divisions as those departments transition from cost centers to revenue centers. While conventional technologies such as video surveillance and even video management systems can be more easily valued, newer technologies such as Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) may have fewer case precedents to rely on but are no less critical for improving security’s effectiveness. Read more on Security Today website.


Security Magazine: Telecoms Move Toward Predictive Security Intelligence

February 23, 2016
By Ajay Jain

Telecom facilities are home to a number of critical and highly valuable assets, and given the sensitive nature of a large number of these locations, it’s vital that telecoms be able to recognize potential threats as soon as possible. Additionally, a number of mergers and acquisitions within the telecom industry have shined a light on the need for future-proof solutions that offer the flexibility of incorporating multiple systems from multiple manufacturers to facilitate growth without requiring costly rip-and-replace projects.

These factors highlight telecoms’ need for strong physical access and identity management to enhance overall security, which has traditionally been reactive in nature, enabling response to issues or events after they have occurred. Unfortunately, by that time, any negative impact has already been felt. And while there has been significant progress with integrating a variety of systems to establish more robust security platforms, until now there has been little progress integrating operations systems like vendor/contractor management, visitor management, HR, compliance and others. As a result, there have been a number of security breaches for which enough relevant data had been stored within multiple disparate systems and sources to warn of a possible risk; however, with no way to extrapolate actionable intelligence from that data, the risk went undetected until it was too late. Continue Reading on the Security Magazine site by clicking here.

Security Today Article: Protecting the Network

Improving physical security with operations’ team help

Article By Ajay Jain

Feb 01, 2016

logo-stFor many years, physical and network security existed as separate disciplines, each managed by an independent operations team on its own side of the house with little or no crossover between the two. Today, the two are so closely intertwined that the separation of physical and network security is no longer thinkable. Rather, both sides—if, indeed, they do not already operate under the same umbrella—must work closely together, collaborating on tactics to combat attacks and protect an organization from rapidly-growing risks including workplace violence, fraud, cyberattacks and insider threat. Continue reading at security-today.com.

Security InfoWatch Article: PIAM for Petrochem

If you were to compile a list of the types of organizations that face the greatest security challenges, petrochemical companies would certainly be at or near the top, and with good reason. These companies are tasked with handling high-risk substances at facilities in multiple regions globally, some of which are much more stable than others. As such, they could be targets of terrorism, internal sabotage and a host of other threats. These could come in the form of physical and/or cyber breaches, further complicating the security challenges petrochemical companies face, particularly in managing the many identities who may have access to certain assets and networks. Continue reading at www.securityinfowatch.com.


Security Today: Transforming Security

Transforming Security
Are you ready for the next big thing?

By Don Campbell

By now, we’ve all heard some variation of this question and wondered what it really means for our work, our organizations and the security market in general. Some people feel confident that they are ready, and they see great opportunities ahead. Others are not so confident, and while they feel somewhat familiar with the concept of what the Internet of Things is, they find it much harder to put their finger on exactly how the specifics will impact the security profession. That is the big question, and the answer will vary from organization to organization and even person to person. Continue to read at security-today.com.