SAFE for Healthcare

Automate the lifecycle of physical identities and their access while delivering compliance and auditability in an open environment.

SAFE for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations have many security responsibilities including the vetting of new employees, handling access to restricted areas (e.g. birthing centers, pharmacies), and managing visitors. Additionally, there are numerous challenges as a result of continually changing mandates from HIPAA, The Joint Commission, CMS and other regulatory laws. By improving the management of physical security and streamlining policies and procedures tied to operations, hospitals and other healthcare facilities can eliminate human errors from manual processes, maintain visibility into visitors and other identities, and find cost savings that are virtually untapped.

SAFE for Healthcare is a comprehensive security management system that can automate manual workflows, providing and end-to-end physical identity and access management solution for your organization. By integrating with access control systems, logical identity and other internal applications, SAFE for Healthcare allows hospitals to manage all types of physical identities and their details.

Key Benefits:

  • Processes and tracks visitors and patients quickly and accurately using simple workflows
  • Integrates with existing hospital/HR systems to simplify processes for vetting
  • Easily manages access to restricted areas with an automated, policy-based approach
  • Drives DEA, FDA and HIPAA compliance through consistent policies and regular reporting