With SAFE for Healthcare, Now You'll Know

Streamline and automate identity management, compliance and operational analytics in a single platform - allowing you real-time visibility into your healthcare organization's entire security infrastructure

SAFE for Healthcare


The Quantum Secure SAFE for Healthcare – Intelligent Patient-Visitor Identity Management solution addresses hospital’s specific needs in managing visitors, vendors and contractors while delivering security in an open environment. The SAFE solution manages the flow of visitors in real-time with a patient’s movement, screens against watch lists with proper background vetting, and securely provisions identities into diverse PACS.

This policy-driven software features the following:

  • Rapid vetting / Patient controlled “Friends and Family”
  • Provides enhanced security through automated verification, screening, and badging of identities across the organization
  • Centralized visitor management integration with HL-7, EPIC, Metasys, Cerner
  • Drives DEA, FDA and HIPAA compliance through consistent policies and regular reporting
  • PACS integration for temporary employee/contractors (i.e., forgotten badges)