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Quantum Secure and Crossmatch Webinar: Intelligent Badging Workstation: Leveraging Modern Technology to Improve Your Processes

Free Webinar – March 17, 2015 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET

The days of inconvenient, multi-step airport credentialing processes are being replaced with the use of more modern and customer-friendly solutions in airports worldwide. As the risk associated with insider threat continues to loom over the industry, technologies are coming together to overcome the manually intensive processes traditionally used. Fingerprinting is one such area that is being revolutionized by the combination of capabilities that exist today.Quantum Secure and Crossmatch have teamed up for this informative 1-hour session to discuss a more integrated to the badging process will streamline operations.

Every airport has experience with the requisite livescan steps around enrolling and submitting fingerprints for Criminal History Records Checks (CHRC). In this educational webinar, we will show how Crossmatch Type 14 compliant Guardian livescans work in conjunction with the SAFE Intelligent Badging workstation to dramatically reduce the time and money airports and their workers invest in completing this important vetting step.

Join Quantum Secure and Crossmatch for this 1 hour webinar to understand how an integrative approach improves your overall customer experience as well as opens up new possibilities for increasing the number and types of checks airports perform by:

  • Eliminating bottlenecks at the livescan station
  • Decreasing the time and skill required on your staff and trusted agents
  • Removing double data entry and the associated potential errors
  • Reducing the per badge cost for both the airport and the companies who work there.