ASIS UK Webinar – November 28

Reducing Risk with the Help of Data Analytics and Process Re-engineering in Physical Security

Tuesday, 28 November 2017 – 11:00 am GMT | 6:00 am EDT 

Security departments are becoming (or increasingly intending to be) more proactive to identify risks and threats as opposed to be being reactive to issues which might have already impacted their organization’s business, people
and/ or reputation.

Current industry trends highlight the benefits and values which security departments are creating using the principles of process optimisation, security intelligenceand Big Data/ behavioural analytics.

With the above it’s evident that Security departments globally are recognizing the opportunity to be a business enabler and are aligning their objectives so their organizations can run efficiently. This is a welcome deviation from the traditional view of security being a reactive and investigative team only which was unfairly labeled as a cost centre.

This 1 hour FREE webinar is sponsored by ASIS UK, City Security Magazine and Quantum Secure and will help you address these questions:

  • Did we do everything we could have to identify the risks?
  • What information do we have today do help us identify existing risks and predict future ones?
  • Best practices for becoming Pro-active versus Reactive