ASIS UK Webinar – May 11

The Impact of Compliance Regulations and GDPR in Physical Access Management

Thursday, May 11, 2017 | 11:00 am BST 

Enterprises (big or small) are mandated per their internal audit policies or industry relevant regulations (such as GDPR, SOX, SSA16) to ensure that only the right people (employees, contractors, visitors) have the right physical access at the right time. In order to ensure this, policies are defined in such enterprises and it is hoped that their processes adhere to these. However a large part of these processes depend on manual exchange of information between people over emails, phone calls etc. This makes it very hard to audit these processes and ensure that all access has been provisioned/ de-provisioned in compliance with mandated policies/ regulations. Additionally, data privacy regulations such as GDPR, which will be enforced by May 2018, present a great opportunity for enterprises to invest in tools for ensuring that their processes align with existing policy which can be easily transformed with new regulations since breaches could lead to very high penalties.

This 1 hour FREE webinar is sponsored by ASIS UK, City Security Magazine and Quantum Secure and will help you address these questions:

  • What does GDPR mean for physical access management from an operational perspective?
  • We manually perform our audits by compiling stacks of paper, how can we improve this process?
  • How can we measure compliance against mandated policies and regulations with respect to Physical Access Management?
  • Is there a way to automate a call to action once a compliance breach is identified?