Modernized Airport Operations

Streamline and automate your airport identity management processes to achieve 100% real time compliance, reduced costs and increased efficiency.

Airport Operations

Many airports have siloed systems and processes used to manage employee credentials for facility access. Systems that issue transportation authority clearance, including the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) or Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA), and grant access to assets/areas such as airside vehicles and parking structures are all managed independently, often by different departments. As a result, many physical identity and access management operations are handled manually, leading to costly human errors, a high cost of operations, long on- and off-boarding times and a lower level of overall security.

SAFE for Aviation is a comprehensive airport worker identity management solution designed to work with existing security infrastructure with highly configurable workflow capabilities to meet all CATSA/TSA/FAA/RTCA regulations and other airport specific requirements for managing identities, credentials and the various events associated with those IDs during their lifecycle as a worker at your airport.

Key Benefits:

  • Authorized Signatory portal improves customer service & reduces paper
  • Centralized, cross system overlay brings all information to your fingertips
  • Reduce time to issue credentials and perform audits
  • Provide 100% real-time compliance monitoring to CATSA/TSA/FAA and RTCA regulations
  • Configurable to fit your specific business and technical needs
  • Adaptable for changing regulatory and security systems