Quantum Secure developed the world’s first Physical Identity and Access Management software in 2004 and remains the world’s premiere physical identity and access management solution today.


Partnering with Quantum Secure
As the leading provider of Physical Identity & Access Management, Quantum Secure is proud to partner with leaders in both physical security and IT security management to deliver end-to-end solutions for our customers around the globe. Our partners leverage our leading-edge technologies to solve problems, address new markets and build a viable, consistent, sustainable physical security practice.

Channel Partners
Independent Software Vendors and Systems Integrators who see a value in extending their own core footprint of functionality by combining their value proposition with Quantum Secure’s value proposition in the physical security arena. These partners will either resell Quantum Secure as a standalone solution or as combination with their own product suite to deliver a value-added, end-to-end solution to customers.




Technology Partners
Our technology partnerships involve joint software development, use of an OEM technology modules, product certification and co-marketing agreements. These partners extend their own technical functionalities by the use of Quantum Secure’s technology and, simultaneously, Quantum Secure enhances its technical capabilities by embedding or using our partner’s technologies



If you wish to learn more about partnering with Quantum Secure, please contact us at info@quantumsecure.com.