5 Steps to Seizing Business Outcome Opportunities

Installing security contractors can now deliver systems and services that meet business goals, thereby flipping security from an undesirable capital expense to a value-enhancing investment.

September 25, 2016
By Don Campbell

SECURITY LEADERS at Fortune 500 companies have recognized that security is a valuable strategic partner and most effective when it aligns with organizational goals. To achieve this alignment, it is essential to identify and meet the unique needs of each organization.

Because every organization is unique, the specifics of attaining this goal must also be unique. However, there are best practices that apply to all organizations that will determine both the efficiency of the process and its ultimate degree of success. In today’s business climate, organizations are not eager to spend more money and management is continually reviewing metrics to identify potential cost savings. With this in mind, security, like all departments, faces higher-level expectations while being asked to become more efficient and do more with less. Continue reading at Security Sales & Integration by clicking here.

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