SAFE Goes Mobile


Customer-centric mobile solutions to improve productivity

· Request and approve access anytime/anywhere · Reduce time-delays in approval processes · Lower TCO by minimizing installation and IT support costs · Support for all leading mobile devices sublayer

SAFE for Energy

Automate NERC CIP compliance & audits by streamlining your identity, access, and physical security operations

· Automate NERC CIP Compliance · Reduced security risks & costs · Standardize Audits (RSAW) · Future proof to NERC CIP (v3-5) sublayer

Automate. Comply. Save.

Streamlined Physical Identity Management, 24/7 with SAFE by Quantum Secure


SAFE for Aviation


A comprehensive airport worker identity management system

· Enforce & maintain 100% compliance: FAA, TSA, CBP · Save on costs through automating processes & workflows · Integrate disparate systems sublayer

SAFE for Government


Aligning physical identity and policy access with FICAM

· Enterprise ePACS · PIV/PIV-i Authentication · OMB M-11-11 Compliance · CIV Credential Issuance sublayer
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SAFE?


Quantum Secure Wins GSN Award for Best Platform for Physical and Logical Access

GSN_AwardQuantum Secure’s SAFE For FICAM Solution has won the GSN Homeland Security Award for Best Platform for Physical and Logical Access. The GSN 2013 Homeland Security Awards was designed to honor distinguished vendors of IT and Physical Security products and solutions and the dedicated federal, state, county and the government agencies, whose combined efforts keep our nation secure. View the list of winners here.



Quantum Secure Recently Named New Product of the Year by Security Products in the Mobile Security Applications Category!

Picture1Recently named as New Product of the Year by Security Products in the Mobile Security Applications Category, we have successfully launched our SAFE for Mobile Solutions – Customer-Centric Physical Security Applications to improve productivity! Check out the Security Products Press Release.




What does the SAFE Solution by Quantum Secure do?

Our SAFE software suite is the only proven technology in the physical security industry that unifies global physical identity, compliance and risk management. Our solution:

  1. Centrally manages all types of physical identities – employees, contractors, visitors, vendors
  2. Automates processes and policies for on/off boarding, physical access management, badging and managing visitor identities
  3. Integrates with physical security systems and synchronizes changes with logical systems
  4. Automates physical security compliance and audit initiatives
  5. Provides executive-level reporting and analytics on security data

How is SAFE different from Physical Access Control Systems (PACS)?

The SAFE Solution does not replace your existing PACS System and in fact, we integrate with the infrastructure you already have in place. Put simply, SAFE pulls information from your PACS and becomes the authoritative source to manage that identity and ensure the physical access adheres to all policies and procedures of your organization.


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